Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

The more information you have regarding the party we are serving the faster and smoother the process will flow for all involved. Important information to provide: Contact Phone number; Last Known Address; Type of Car they drive; Facebook Profile; Linked In Profile; Are they expecting these documents or is it a surprise? what is the best time to find them at the address provided? Can you provide a work address? Do they have a history of violence? Etc.

You need to have your documents registered with the court in order for us to proceed to serve the defendant, otherwise you will need to request a court filing service from us.

We will accept payment after the service is successful. Having said that; we will not file, send or email an Affidavit of Service until payment has been made in full. If you require an affidavit of service to be mailed out of province please include an extra $25 for Handling & Mailing, including signature and
XpressPost service.  

Credit cards, cash, cheque, or etransfer, please send all interac etransfer to our email address info@serverwerxs.ca and text or email the answer. If mailing a cheque please contact us prior to doing so to make sure you have the proper mailing address.

Absolutely, we will provide you with an invoice for the agreed price and email it to you upon completion of payment. Please indicate the full name and address which you would like on the invoice.

Yes, no additional cost will be incurred for the surrounding area.  However, please try to provide as much information as possible so that we can reduce the number of attempts needed to successfully serve the party. If you require service beyond these surrounding areas please contact us for a price quote.  

Yes, we have no problems with restraining orders as long as you provide the information required.

No, at this time we are not certified to carry out service at the Edmonton Remand Center.

If you have a photograph please bring one, for most divorce cases a photograph is mandatory, for other civil or family matters a photograph is recommended it will ease the process for all involved.

No, we do not file Affidavits of Service with the court. We will do it for an extra fee, but we find that our clients prefer to register their files directly on their own time.

We strive to keep a 95% success rate for all our cases, and only a handful of cases require the full five (5) attempts provided.

Yes, email is fine for all matters. If the file is too large you can share a cloud file or send a compressed attachment (.zip)

Absolutely, we do it all the time. Keep in mind you will need to provide a corporate registry search or incur the extra fee to have us do it. Depending on your case we may also need to serve the registered owners and directors of the business.

Yes, you can email your forms and we will go to court and register the claim on your behalf, and then we will serve the parties involved and mail you the Affidavit of Service. Please contact us for a quote regarding this service.

No, in all our years in business we have not been summoned to court to defend any of our Affidavits of Service, we may occasionally make a mistake when filling out an Affidavit and we correct them at no charge to you, but overall we pride our business on customer satisfaction and our results driven philosophy. 

Yes, there is an additional cost to carry out a service at the Army Base and keep in mind that we may request a specific building address as the garrison is a large complex.

No, in some cases your address can be blacked out or not included in the defendant’s paper work. We understand the sensitivity of some legal matters and your satisfaction is our priority.

Yes, but this information must be provided in advanced so that we know what we are up against. Depending on the case and the sensitivity of the matter we may have to refer you over to the Edmonton Police Services.

It rarely happens but on occasion we may exhaust all 5 attempts and have nothing to show for it except for a few close calls. After the 5th attempt we recommend that you return to the courts and ask the judge or clerk for permission to carry out a substitute service, meaning that you have attempted all means possible to serve the individual or group in person and nothing else can be done, but you may know where their mother/father lives, or have contact with them on Facebook or know their email address, or you know where they live but they simply won’t answer the door so you can substitute personal by taping it to their door. In this case if granted a substitute order you may service the parties by either of these methods, but the court would like to see that you have exhausted all means of traditional service. We will provide an Affidavit of Attempted Service detailing all the attempts we made to serve and with this document the court or clerk will likely grant you a substitute service order.

The greatest compliment we can receive is a referral for our services, we strive for quality and excellence with each of our clients and it gives us a certain level of satisfaction when we can share in your success by guiding you through a stress free legal process. If you think there is value in our services and would like to help the next person that is in your situation, then we invite you to leave us a review at https://www.facebook.com/serverwerxs/