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Guaranteed five (5) attempts
Enjoy a 95% success rate.
Confidential and Discreet.
Can serve personal, business, or corporations.

remote service

Everything can be coordinated over email or phone. We can arrange to pick up the documents from you, or you can email them to us.

less stress

Count on us to utilize specialized tools and techniques to find even the most evasive person in the province.

pay online

We take payment after the service is successful. You can send us etransfers, cash or pay online with your credit card.

Who we are

We are Serverwerxs, the best Process Servers in Edmonton. A Process Server is an individual who assists the plaintiff or applicant in notifying the responding entity known as the defendant or respondent, about a legal claim filed against them. A good process server will attempt to deliver the documents and will charge the client for each attempt made, even if they were unsuccessful. A great process server will exhaust all options available so that you receive maximum value for your money. 

Our Values

Flat fee

Contact Us today and enjoy a flat fee for your legal process. No hidden costs, no extra charges, no add-ons


We maintain complete and constant communication with our clients through out every attempt of the process. 


We understand the seriousness of your matter and our commitment to you is professionalism and confidentiality.

experienced & creativity

You can run but you can’t hide. We will exhaust every legal option available to reach a successful service. 


Why Choose Us

Our team of experienced Process Servers in Edmonton,  will deliver the corresponding party within our guaranteed five (5) attempts. Legal firms count on us to carry out services and individuals choose us time and time again to carry out their legal process in an economical and time efficient manner. .

Count on us to utilize specialized tools and techniques to find even the most elusive person in the province. We have a repertoire of resources available to us that the public simply cannot access. In addition to social media we also utilize industry specific tools, that enhance the possibilities of a successful service. 


Our Process Servers in Edmonton will assist you with the following type of services.

Is the child’s parent, avoiding responsibilities? or perhaps .you need to make an adjustment to the current arrangement, file documents and contact us. 

Separated long enough, time to move on, there is no possibility of reconciliation, file documents and contact us. .

In disagreement over decisions concerning the child, sole custody or shared custody, if you want a stronger influence in the decisions you will need to file an agreement. File your documents and then contact us. 

Suing an individual, a corporation, or a firm? Small claims for $50,000 or under, if more then you are looking at Queen’s Bench, file your documents and we will guide you through the serving process, it is more complicated but still one of our main services. 

Tenant has broken the lease agreement, and at this point you just want your property returned to you, nothing left but file documents and contact us. 

Nobody should feel unsafe in public, in private, or much less in their own home. Boundaries are blurred and habits become customary, you’ve already mustered the courage to seek change now let us take you the final step by serving that individual with you court documents. 

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